Transportation/Aviation Law

Transportation/Aviation Law

Airlines and airports face a myriad of challenges: costs, tighter capital markets, climate protection constraints, and uncertainty surrounding aerospace and defense budgets. On the other hand, there have also been positive developments like, the over-capacity of the world’s airline industry has been reduced, and new business models have been developed. Elmas & Yeşiloğlu’s transportation team lawyers have solid experience in providing contentious and regulatory support on matters within the aviation sector. They have a full understanding of how the aviation industry works, and can leverage that knowledge and experience to the benefit of clients without any cost inefficiencies.

We work to ensure that our aviation clients and their insurers obtain the best possible results given the unique facts of each case.

Our lawyers focus on the legal needs of the aviation community on behalf of lenders, aircraft owners, fractional shareowners, lessors, lessees and operators, and aviation maintenance and support facilities. We guide our clients through every aspect of aviation merger, including negotiation, documentation, financing, labor issues, antitrust clearances, and merger-related litigation. We also have extensive experience in aviation litigation, including all forms of dispute resolution, disputes arising out of operating, and finance leases.

In addition to Aviation Law, Elmas & Yeşiloğlu delivers effective legal counsel to domestic and international clients from across the transportation sector, including retailers and providers of aerospace and automobile services.

Focus Areas

  • Aircraft Transactions
  • Financing and Loan Securitization
  • Aircraft Registration
  • Sales and Tax Use
  • Aviation Litigation